jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

my pet

Hello everyone this time I'll speak about pets. Let me start telling you what kind of animal are my favorite pets: it’s the dogs.
When I was young my grandmother had a dog, its name was boby. Boby was a very clever, nice and faithful. I think that my sympathy for dogs was born with my grandmother’s dog.
Speaking about present, now I have two little dogs, actually they aren’t my pets originally they are my sister’s pets, but when she moved to her new house, she left her pets in my house with my mom. The two dogs are female. The older is call Puffy, and the younger is call “Pelusa”.  A very important thing is that Puffy is the mother of Pelusa. Yes, two years ago Puffy had four babies, one died, two was sold and my mom let one in our house: this one was Pelusa. Other important things is that Puffy is, approximately, four years old. Obviously, Pelusa is, approximately, two years old.
Before that this post ends, I need to speak about, one more things:  It’s the cats. Yes, I like cats too. But, no one in my house likes cats. Actually, my mom, my two sisters and my dad don’t like the cats, because they think that the cats are solitary, strange and, the most important quality, treacherous. This is a very strange idea about cats, but my family thinks this.
Good bye and have a good day

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