viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Thinking about my future job

In this post I’ll speak about my future job. But, before of that I begin to tell you about it, I need to clarify some things. First, I don’t like to think about long term; actually I don’t like to think in medium term neither. Then, you can imagine that I don’t know how will be my future job or what kind of job is the best for me. Second, I'll try to do the best I can. In other words, I’ll make a great effort trying to think in my, hypothetical, future job. That said I can begin with the post.
A good job for me must be fun, but what is a fun job? A fun job must be different everyday, it must give me new experiences constantly.  I hope that this job has flexible schedule, by that I could do the job at my time. Is very important for me have liberty to act, because I don’t like rule. The rules make me feel caught. Finally, this hypothetical job needs to give the possibility to travel o moved by different cities or countries. I know, I’m asking too much. But what is wrong with it? Some people say “it always pays to ask”.
Maybe, the teach work would be interesting for me. Actually I’ve thought about being a primary teacher when I would become an older man.  In relation to the above, I think that I could be a university teacher in my youth. Maybe, I could be sociology teacher in some university or institute.
Well, thanks for read it. I hope you enjoy it.
Goodbye and have a good day.   

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Omareitor dijo...

difitult to think in te future, wen every solid is faling in liquid