viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Memento a Christopher Nolan' movie

What do you think if I tell you that there's a movie where the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end?. Well, Memento is about this. This film is an American psychological thriller written and directed by Nolan (the same director of Batman beings, Batman: the dark knight and the coming movie to be release this year Batman: the dark knight rise). 

The story is being told in two different timelines: one timeline is in color, the other one is in black and white. The color scenes are alternated for the black and white scenes.Finally, the color sequences start at the end of story and finish at the lastest scenes of the movie, this timeline is in rewining(from the future to the past). On the contrary, the black and white sequences are in normal order (from the past to the future) and they happen before the color sequences.

So, the movie ends when two timelines join. But the story ends with the first scene of color sequences and begin with the first black and white scene. To make easier the understanding of the movie I have attached an image that explains the order of the sequences in the movie. 

To close this post I recommend to watch this movie, because it's a very interesting form to tell a story, and the story is very intensive and interesting. I let you a trailer.

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Paul Feyerabend: A mad boy

Born in Austria in January  13, 1924 Paul Feyerabend was an philosopher of science. Next, I going to speak about this mad men:

His better works as a professor in the university of California, Berkeley. His more important book are "Against Method (published in 1975), Science in a Free Society (published in 1978) and Farewell to Reason (a collection of papers published in 1987)"(Wikipedia). He wrote against the science method and he postulated the Epistemological anarchism. He died  in February 11, 1994 in Switzerland.

Feyeraben, across his works, fight against the rules of the science method. He said that this rules limited the activities of scientist. So, he propose a science method that integrate all points of view, this method is call Epistemological  anarchism, in easier words, the idea is that while exits more forms to explain the reality more rich is the human knowledge.

I consider Paul a very interesting Philosopher because hi argument against the rules and rigid method. I think that the rules are a guideline not a law, and the traditional epistemology are very rigid with the science method, in his theory the method is considered as law. So, Feyeraben tell us the possibility of new science, a more humanitarian and creative science.

Thank for your time. Bye.