viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Free post: Don Omar

In this post I’ll show you one of the best artist around the world. He’s Don Omar and he’s a reggaeton singer. I knew his music in a party, around eight years ago. It happened in a party when I was 16 years old. In the beginning I didn't like him. In fact, I hated him. But, my very best friend, after this party, began to listen to Don Omar, so when I went to his house I heard Don Omar, because my friend listened to Don Omar, all the time. Summing up, Don Omar's music stick to me.

Well, speaking about Don Omar's music, I can say that his music, reggaeton style, is very rhythmic and it's very good to dance. Actually, many people say that I'm good dancer of reggaeton, I dance all night long (until the floor). 
Some information to bear in mind, Don Omar is 34 yeras old. His musical carrier started in 2002, but it's in 2003 when his first album was lunched. Altogether he has launched fourth studio albums. 

I leave you a song and a picture of Don Omar.


I hope you enjoyed every post that I wrote, because it's the last post in this blog. The second semester is coming to finish and the english class too. Thank you for your attention. Greetings and Hugs.

English lenguaje.

Hi teacher and English classmates, in this post I’ll speak about English subject.  Speak about English subject is not easy for me, because I like English but I can’t improve my English in long, long time.

Let me tell you my story. When I was child, about seven or eight years old, I play video games with my friends, in this time the video games came to Chile only in English. Then if we wanted finish those games we need understand English. With this motivation for learn English, I could improve my skill in this idiom.  But, when I entered to secondary education, I lost my motivation for video games and I lost my motivation for the English too. Other things became more important for me like go out with my friends or something like this. You can imagine that I didn’t improve my English skill in that time.  

After that, I entered to INACAP, in that time I had English subject but it wasn’t be a good experience. Actually I didn’t improve my English skills. I think that it happened because we didn’t practice English in class. The class only consisted in repeat that the teacher said. I had fourth English courses (English one, two, three and four) and, I repeat it, I didn’t learn any things about English.

Now I’m studying in the University of Chile and finally I could say that I've improved my English knowledge, more than I could do, in much time. I think that it happened because we, my classmates and I, practice English during the class. And it isn’t the only thing, we’ve write constantly in English, yes I think that posts are very important to practice and learn English. Despite all good things about English class I don’t practice English in outside of English class.Hi teacher and English classmates, in this post I’ll speak about English subject.  Speak about English subject is not easy for me, because I like English but I can’t improve my English in long, long time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that post. Thank for your attention. Bye, bye.

Thinking about my future job

In this post I’ll speak about my future job. But, before of that I begin to tell you about it, I need to clarify some things. First, I don’t like to think about long term; actually I don’t like to think in medium term neither. Then, you can imagine that I don’t know how will be my future job or what kind of job is the best for me. Second, I'll try to do the best I can. In other words, I’ll make a great effort trying to think in my, hypothetical, future job. That said I can begin with the post.
A good job for me must be fun, but what is a fun job? A fun job must be different everyday, it must give me new experiences constantly.  I hope that this job has flexible schedule, by that I could do the job at my time. Is very important for me have liberty to act, because I don’t like rule. The rules make me feel caught. Finally, this hypothetical job needs to give the possibility to travel o moved by different cities or countries. I know, I’m asking too much. But what is wrong with it? Some people say “it always pays to ask”.
Maybe, the teach work would be interesting for me. Actually I’ve thought about being a primary teacher when I would become an older man.  In relation to the above, I think that I could be a university teacher in my youth. Maybe, I could be sociology teacher in some university or institute.
Well, thanks for read it. I hope you enjoy it.
Goodbye and have a good day.   

Free theme: Play video games

Welcome to my blog again, in this time I’ll talk about one of my hobbies: it’s play video games.
In my free time, I do a lot of things, but the most recurrent is lie down in my bed, turn on my computer desktop, select one of my video games, and play it. I love play video games because they are funny to spend my time, most of they have a very good stories or, I play them, because some video games let me play online with my friends or any people of any part of the world.
My favorites games stile are first persons shooters (fps), action games and role playing game (rpg). I like fps because they are very fast, frenetic, direct and they give me an intensive experience of game. The most common type of fps are the military games, some examples are: Battlefield 3 (my favorite fps), Call of duty, Halo or Crysis. The second kind of video games that I like to play , are action games, this type of games are very funny because give us, very interesting stories, good scenes of action, actually most of them have cinematic sequences like action movies. Finally, I like to play rpg because this type of games have very deep stories, we can play many hours in beautiful worlds, we can personalize ours characters ,  we can do secondary missions that extend the life of video game, etc.
One more things, with my friends, we play football games. Our favorite franchise is FIFA games. We got together to play FIFA and we make bet.
This is it. Good bye and thank for read.

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

my pet

Hello everyone this time I'll speak about pets. Let me start telling you what kind of animal are my favorite pets: it’s the dogs.
When I was young my grandmother had a dog, its name was boby. Boby was a very clever, nice and faithful. I think that my sympathy for dogs was born with my grandmother’s dog.
Speaking about present, now I have two little dogs, actually they aren’t my pets originally they are my sister’s pets, but when she moved to her new house, she left her pets in my house with my mom. The two dogs are female. The older is call Puffy, and the younger is call “Pelusa”.  A very important thing is that Puffy is the mother of Pelusa. Yes, two years ago Puffy had four babies, one died, two was sold and my mom let one in our house: this one was Pelusa. Other important things is that Puffy is, approximately, four years old. Obviously, Pelusa is, approximately, two years old.
Before that this post ends, I need to speak about, one more things:  It’s the cats. Yes, I like cats too. But, no one in my house likes cats. Actually, my mom, my two sisters and my dad don’t like the cats, because they think that the cats are solitary, strange and, the most important quality, treacherous. This is a very strange idea about cats, but my family thinks this.
Good bye and have a good day

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

How watch a movie

Hello everyone! Today I will write about movies, but I don´t comment any movie in particular. Actually, this post is about “the best environment for watch a movie”. Obviously, this is my opinion and this post isn´t a guide or something like that.   
Well, shoulders to the wheel! The first condition, to watch a movie in a perfect environment, is “to get a big screen”. Yes, the size is very important (speak about movies, you don’t things other things). If you don’t have a big screen, something like 42 inch or more, you can’t see all details that the director’s movies put in it.
The second condition is “to be in a dark room”. If you don’t have a dark room, the light can distract you. In other words, the dark let you concentrate in the screen.
Third: “all about sound”. In this case, two things are very important: 1) to watch a movie in a noiseless room (It’s for can listen to only a movie’s sounds); 2) to have a good sound equipment, obviously it’s let you reproduce the better way the movie’s sounds.
The last condition is “to go for pee”. One of most usual distractions when people watch a movie is to have to stop the movie for to go for pee. Then, to drink few liquid is a very good idea and it’s very recommendable.   
I hope that you enjoyed this post.

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

The drug of speed: Adderall

In many cities around the world the people live in environments of stress and high demand in theirs works. New York is one of these cities. In an article of Arwa Mahdawi, published on, the author tells us about of Adderall. It’s a drug that makes possible live in high productivity levels.
“Adderall is the brand name for a cocktail of amphetamines packaged up by big pharma for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) “. It make possible that the Americans “can work harder, faster and longer”.
It’s so effective that some doctors are advocating for give these drugs in kids. These doctors think that Adderall cans help low-income schoolchildren. In words of Doctor Anderson: "We've decided as a society that it's too expensive to modify the kid's environment," he explains. "So we have to modify the kid."
Finally, the article finishes with a critic of author. He says “Adderall, you see, is capitalism's wonder-pill. It optimises your productivity levels, it dulls your personality levels, and it turns you into the closest human approximation there is to a machine.”
I agree with the critic of the author, I think that is ridiculous tray to be a machine. Especially when some people use drugs to work or to studies more and more and more… I hope that this tendency don’t become overcrowded, especially in Chile.