viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

How watch a movie

Hello everyone! Today I will write about movies, but I don´t comment any movie in particular. Actually, this post is about “the best environment for watch a movie”. Obviously, this is my opinion and this post isn´t a guide or something like that.   
Well, shoulders to the wheel! The first condition, to watch a movie in a perfect environment, is “to get a big screen”. Yes, the size is very important (speak about movies, you don’t things other things). If you don’t have a big screen, something like 42 inch or more, you can’t see all details that the director’s movies put in it.
The second condition is “to be in a dark room”. If you don’t have a dark room, the light can distract you. In other words, the dark let you concentrate in the screen.
Third: “all about sound”. In this case, two things are very important: 1) to watch a movie in a noiseless room (It’s for can listen to only a movie’s sounds); 2) to have a good sound equipment, obviously it’s let you reproduce the better way the movie’s sounds.
The last condition is “to go for pee”. One of most usual distractions when people watch a movie is to have to stop the movie for to go for pee. Then, to drink few liquid is a very good idea and it’s very recommendable.   
I hope that you enjoyed this post.

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