viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

A photograph of Victor Zafrada: Remembering the last earthquake.

This picture was taken from a interview publicized on "la tercera" dot com. In it we can see a boy called Victor Díaz. Many people know him, but don't know him original name, because in the interview they say "zafrada" instead of "frazada", so, some people begin to call him "Zafrada".

This fact express two things for me: 1) the  good humor sense of Chilean people; 2) this fact remember me the last Chilean's earthquake. This earthquake occurred on Saturday, 27 February  2010, with a magnitud 8.8 in Richter scale. The epicenter was located close to 8th region.

Resume and bearing in mind the two interpretation, this picture are very relevant because express a tragedy and the way that some chilean people choose to make more bearable

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

"Subway create a free internet computer network in  22 stations"
Today, May  28th, the Santiago's subway launched an internet computer network for roughly two million people  per day. It consists in 22 stations equiped with wi fi connection of internet. This service is completely free. The reason of this service is to increase the quality of the trip experience for the subways passengers. 

The project began lastest December and finished today with the inauguration.

The users can be connected for half an hour, after that, they have to wait for five minutes to be able to reconect to the service again. 20 users can be connected at the same time.

The new stations that have free wi fi are distributed in all lines of Santiago's Subway. In line 1 the stations are: U. de Chile, Manquehue, U. De Santiago y Tobalaba.  While the line 2’s stations are: La Cisterna, San Miguel y Vespucio Norte. In line 4 they are: Quilín, Simón Bolívar, Pza. Egaña, Los Orientales, Las Mercedes, Santa Rosa y San Ramón. Finally, the stations with free wi fi of the line 5 are: Baquedano, Bellavista La Florida, San Pablo, Quinta Normal, Carlos Valdovinos, Santiago Bueras, Pudahuel y Gruta de Lourdes.

To sum up, a personal commentary, the free internet computer network are a good piece of news for subway users. It's very useful. I wish that it doesn't finish here, I wish that all subway stations have this service, and that this service is for more than 20 people at same time.

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

The most clever guy of social sciences department

One of my best friend is Omareitor.

I met him in the university, actually he's my classemate. We began studying sociology  in 2009, but in the secod half of that year when we started to talk. Since then we're friend.

I consider that he's one of my best friends because he's one of the most popular man in the department. In fact, many women fell in love with him. I think that it's because he wears glasses so he looks like an intellectual guy and the intellectual guys are very hot for the women of department of social sciences.

This is not all. Apart from that there, he swims. He thinks he is a mermaid or shark (I don't have it very clear). The swimming is one of the activities that we do together, another is studying, and we go out (we party hard).

Finally, the best memory I have with Omareitor is when we traveled through the African savannah. Seriously speaking, it's a lie, we don't go to the African savannah.  I don't have best memory about Omareitor, because he is very boring.

Good bye.