viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Free post: Don Omar

In this post I’ll show you one of the best artist around the world. He’s Don Omar and he’s a reggaeton singer. I knew his music in a party, around eight years ago. It happened in a party when I was 16 years old. In the beginning I didn't like him. In fact, I hated him. But, my very best friend, after this party, began to listen to Don Omar, so when I went to his house I heard Don Omar, because my friend listened to Don Omar, all the time. Summing up, Don Omar's music stick to me.

Well, speaking about Don Omar's music, I can say that his music, reggaeton style, is very rhythmic and it's very good to dance. Actually, many people say that I'm good dancer of reggaeton, I dance all night long (until the floor). 
Some information to bear in mind, Don Omar is 34 yeras old. His musical carrier started in 2002, but it's in 2003 when his first album was lunched. Altogether he has launched fourth studio albums. 

I leave you a song and a picture of Don Omar.


I hope you enjoyed every post that I wrote, because it's the last post in this blog. The second semester is coming to finish and the english class too. Thank you for your attention. Greetings and Hugs.

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Omareitor dijo...

Don omar is a reference for mi. His words inspire my life