viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Free theme: Play video games

Welcome to my blog again, in this time I’ll talk about one of my hobbies: it’s play video games.
In my free time, I do a lot of things, but the most recurrent is lie down in my bed, turn on my computer desktop, select one of my video games, and play it. I love play video games because they are funny to spend my time, most of they have a very good stories or, I play them, because some video games let me play online with my friends or any people of any part of the world.
My favorites games stile are first persons shooters (fps), action games and role playing game (rpg). I like fps because they are very fast, frenetic, direct and they give me an intensive experience of game. The most common type of fps are the military games, some examples are: Battlefield 3 (my favorite fps), Call of duty, Halo or Crysis. The second kind of video games that I like to play , are action games, this type of games are very funny because give us, very interesting stories, good scenes of action, actually most of them have cinematic sequences like action movies. Finally, I like to play rpg because this type of games have very deep stories, we can play many hours in beautiful worlds, we can personalize ours characters ,  we can do secondary missions that extend the life of video game, etc.
One more things, with my friends, we play football games. Our favorite franchise is FIFA games. We got together to play FIFA and we make bet.
This is it. Good bye and thank for read.

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